Mark J


Markus Johnsen, professionally known as Mark J, is a musical artist from Southern Norway. Being grown up with music, Mark early started his musical journey by playing in bands shifting through different styles and genres. From the early rock influenced styles to pursuing metal, and eventually into the RnB genre. His style is very diverse, and intuitive, and his versatility knows no limits. In 2016, Markus achieved astonishing success with his band's EP, which reached well over a million listeners through the world.

Through the years, Mark J has been working steadily towards achieving his goals, and reaching out to a wider audience. Today, he's more dedicated than ever before, and he's ready to take yet another year by storm with amazing songs and fantastic melodies! With thousands of dedicated followers, and many trips around the world in pursuit of his music, you can expect big things from this new artist who has huge plans for the years to come.